Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For Nathan

All of you who know us outside of the blogosphere know that Brian's sister and family lived out here near us for about a year. During that time, Helen and Nathan (Leslie's son) became nearly as close as brother and sister. They were partners in crime and I dare predict that they will continue to do so the remainder of their lives.

The last few time we had the opportunity spend time with them, and we had our camera out, I made sure to capture it. Here are a few things in memory of the time spent with our sweet Nathan.

This was fun time with the sidewalk chalk. This is a drawing depicting Nathan's tractor and wagon. Helen always rides in the wagon and Nathan always drives.
Running around the church fellowship room.
When Helen got her new tricycle, Nathan got a BIG WHEEL! He was so precious riding that thing. He didn't want to pedal it, he wanted to push it. He'll get it soon. If not already...
We miss you Nathan. Helen asked about you this week when we went to church. She wanted to know if you'd be at church. Of course we said no, but that's her way to let us know she misses you.


Leslie said...

Thank you so much for the sweet post of nathan. He misses ya'll too.. he'll ask as we are walking into church where "brian, kisty and helen are." we should start a annual tradition of the 6 of us going somewhere for the weekend so these kids can "rekindle." (and we can too!) Love YOU!

Anonymous said...

I know she misses her buddy :o(