Friday, October 31, 2008

Smurfs taste good

Helen got into a bag of acrylic craft paints I had ready for our Halloween party Friday. I wish I hadn't been so mad when I first found her because it would have been a great picture. It wasn't until I got her into the tub, the potatoes boiling over on the stove off the eye, keeping Brian from stepping in the blue puddle on the floor as he came in the door (unaware of the madness), and trying to determine whether or not to call poison control (all happening in three minutes), that I realized how hilarious this whole situation was! So you get the muted version.
Way to go looks like you murdered Papa Smurf.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flippin and Flowin

Just a fun pic of Helen and Daddy flipping. Helen climbs up, then she holds herself upside down for a few seconds and then flips over, landing on her feet. They have such fun! She loves to flip and ride our backs...or shoulders.

Something funny that happened today:

Brian called the house to chat for a second about this and that. I let Helen talk to him for a few seconds. She put the phone up to her head and because her mouth was so close to it, Brian couldn't understand. He said, "Helen, I can't understand you baby, hold your mouth away from the phone a little bit." Well, she gives me the phone and proceeds to physically HOLD her mouth with her hand. She grabbed her bottom jaw and walked away! LOL! HAHAH! Bless her sweet innocence.

Something funny that happened last week while I was keeping Nathan:

We are in the process of potty training. Helen has a small potty in her bathroom, but sometimes she likes to use the big potty. This particular time, she wanted to use the big potty when I took her to the bathroom. Of course, Nathan was in tow. As I was pulling down Helen's pants to put her up there, Nathan tells me that he has to peepee too! Since Helen was on the big potty, I told Nathan to wait just a second for Helen to finish or to use the little potty. Well, he wanted to do NEITHER. He HAD to peepee right then and in the big potty. So Helen had just gotten settled on the potty when Nathan immediately drops his drawers and proceeds to walk up to the same toilet to pee. Note he is just barely too short that he is unable to position "his parts" correctly to ring it. So as I finish saying, "wait just a second or use the little potty," he has a steady stream a flowin'. So whilest I am keeping Helen from being peed on and from falling INTO the toilet, I am deflecting pee (with the not-so-free hand) from getting all over the floor, the bathtub, and Nathan. All this going on at can imagine how it turned out. Yep: Pee on the tub, pee on the floor, pee on Helen, a little bit IN the toilet, and A LOT OF IT ON ME! That potty break took quite a bit longer than the norm. All I could think of during this entire encounter was Brian and Leslie's childhood story I like to call "Just Scoot Up." HAHA! What a day.

Guess it could be worse.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two words: Daddy time.

See next post also!

Nathan, Emily, and Helen....a Saturday full of blessings.

It happens some weeks when Ty and Leslie have to work Saturday shifts at their jobs. With their industries, sometimes it calls for working a Saturday. However, when they work the same Saturday, we get to spend time with Nathan. Helen loves it for sure. She has a little buddy to hang with.

This Saturday was one of those days. I have attached a few photos that I took of them. There weren't many good ones because they wouldn't hold still long enough to get one. However, these are some of the better shots:

After the first hour of bringing out the first half of Helen's toys...all in the living room...they got a little hungry and stopped to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eat a snack. Notice the glass has been removed from our coffee table (permenantly). Helen loves to sit inside the recesses and so does Nathan. It was actually his idea (a year ago) while they were living with us. He loved to be in the table to watch his toons. Guess he still does. (That cute green chair never gets any lovin.)

For some reason, everything had to be on his head. And if it was something that he thought he could put on his head, but wasn't able to get it on his head, he would bring it to me and ask me to put it on his head. LOL! I don't know what that means, but it sure was funny. He made all kinds of things into hats.

The calm before the second storm...the rest of the toys came out fast after the snack. Grapes and Multi-grain Cherrios....MM!

Nathan was only with us for three hours, then I loaded him up to take him back to Leslie. I went to get my "hair did" and came back come with another visitor: EMILY! She's a friend from church whom I tutor on occasion in math. She's such a bright student, but sometimes gets a little fumbled. Maybe her teacher goes too fast, but once she gets it, she's got it.

We had lunch, came home, studied for a few hours, and before her ride arrived, we played around with the camera.

So photogenic! Isn't she so gorgeous!
She tries to make silly faces.....

...but not matter what she does...she's still pretty.

Helen came in and wanted to have some fun with us too. She LOVES Emily because she's so energetic and her personality is magnetic! She actually babysits Helen when we have the need. They played around on the kitchen floors for several minutes. I kept trying to get a good shot of Helen. Then Emily wanted me to try to get a shot of her head and Helen too. Um....well, it worked...but something just isn't right about it. Helen sure is cute.