Monday, March 9, 2009

Not since '93...

...have I been a part of a snow like this. I mean, sure, when I went to Montana I saw some serious snow, but not in the SOUTH! Whoa...what's all that about. Our little city got about 6 about you?

It was a Sunday, and just about the time church let out it started coming down. The sidewalks had already iced over, but the roads had yet to be covered. We thought it would stop there and all would be well. We were wrong. As you can tell from the picture below it just kept coming, and in sheets!

This is a tree across the street. The "blur" yous see is the snow falling.

Here's a picture of my favorite tree in the back yard. You can tell the "sheets" of snow are really thick in this one. As for the tree, it's always like that. I'm sure I've blogged about it before, but if you don't know, this tree grows like this. I suppose at some point it fell over, but it's beautiful when it blooms in the spring. The only part of it that doesn' still sprout leaves is the bottom limbs.

About six o'clock that evening, the power went out. It might've been a little earlier, but it was out just before dark. My mom was at my house helping me as I was recovering from my car accident **will have more on that later** and she and Helen had fun making paper snowflakes! They are still hanging on the fridge. Helen couldn't get enough of looking at the snow. Like most kids, she wanted to be out in it. Of course it was too late and too cold to get her out in it. We promised her that we'd go out the next morning.

We played Yatzee with Helen that night. She loved it. We let her shake the dice in the little cup. Oh she was so happy--you would have thought we'd just let her run wild on a shopping spree through ToysRus!

Just about 9:25 (we let her stay up late b/c she had a REALLY late nap) I told Brian we should bring the futon matress into the family room, by the fire, and we'd all have a campout. So we got the futon matress for me (brian was a party pooper), Grammie slept on the sofa, and Helen's matress we put next to mine. Here we are laying together watching the fire. It was 9:35 when the power came on....**hmph**

Helen didn't sleep there. She HAD to lay in "Helen's bed" so we moved all her stuff back into her crib and she went right to sleep. I guess it's a good thing the power came back on...or else it would have been a long fight.

The next morning, after a good breakfast, we bundled Helen and Grammie in all the warmest clothes and sent them to venture out into the icy tundra...hehe.

Isn't she cute?
Off they go to the top of the yard, by the street. It's a perfect slope for a nice smooth drop towards the house. Katie, our 3yr old neighbor and her mom were outside. We invited them over to play in our yard. I think they liked our slope better.
Since Brian was having a hard time getting down the road, even in his rent-A-F150, he came back home and played in the show with Helen and Katie. That little red inflattable thing Helen is on is actually Katie's SLIP-N-SLIDE "board."
She fell over a couple of times, but as with most toddlers, she just laughed, got up, and kept going! She's such a trooper!
Here is Katie, in full SCREAM, as Brian gives her a little push. As soon as she put her booty on the card board she started screaming! Girls...
I have to mention Katie and her being a super fashionista even in the snow. Please notice that not only does she have great taste in her pink faux-leopard skin coat with fleece lining, but she's got two different boots and two different gloves. Gotta love it. I am CERTAIN that it was not that she couldn't find the matches but because she absolutely wanted it that way. She's a DIVA!
Here's the two sweeties holding hands and they walk back up the "hill." Ohwe!
I also need to mention how Helen has socks on her hands. They are the waterproof socks Brian wore in Montana...she had fun! Anyway, after 30 minutes or so of play time, helen didn't want to come back in. This is just before she got VERY upset when she found out she was finished. Notice the snot dripping...nuf said.

It was a fun snow day. The next day the road were clear, for the most part. The day after that nearly all the snow was gone, and by Thursday, it was like 70 degrees outside! What's up with that!?
I end this blog with a couple of super cute pics for the g-parents. This is Tomboy Helen in her Mickey hat. She put it on this way and wore it for a while. She put it on to take Jannie (her Cabbage Patch Doll) in her stroller, to the "store." Of course, she never left the house, but circled the family room several times before ditching Jannie for her computer.


Jenny said...

What great pictures! I'm jealous, though. We didn't have anywhere near that amount of snow!

Haley said...

THERE YOU ARE..... I was wondering when you would be back and in blog action. How are you feeling?
*** The pictures of Helen all bundled up are so cute!

Anonymous said...

She is just getting way to big. The last picture of her looks so much like you. I miss you all so much. Kim was telling me about your accident. I am so sorry and am thinking and praying for you. Love you much

Leslie said...

YEAH! A new blog! I thought you forgot your password or something :) Great blog! Helen is so cute.. i like her being a tomboy :)